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Your Pair of Jeans Comes With a Story – And It Is A Lot More Interesting Than You Think!

July 17, 2015

IMG_9023-minJust look down at that pair of jeans you’re feeling so snug in right now. The same jeans that have carried you through the day and are so comfortable, they feel like second skin and come with a very interesting history. The last time you went shopping for that perfect pair, did you think of where exactly did your denims come from?

Skinny or slim-fit, plain or stone-washed, your hunt for that pair has taken you through a lot; without ever wondering what did these jeans go through to turn into that perfect set you just want to slip into and never take off…

It’s all just a big, big field

It is a long, tedious process creating a Denim cloth and it begins right in the fields where the cotton has to be picked, cleaned, turned into threads and then, finally the cloth is formed. The cotton has to be washed twice and each strand should be long and strong enough to be fashioned into jeans. The final cloth is pristine white.

And then your denims turn… Yellow

Yuck! Why? While the cloth is being dyed an Indigo Blue, it is originally yellow as Indigo cannot be used directly being insoluble in water. Hence, a chemical compound is used and after the dyeing, when the cloth comes into contact with oxygen – magic! It turns blue!

Another hurdle to overcome

The denim cloth is now blue – but too blue! So to get that true lighter denim shade, the cloth is further woven with white strands and there, finally, the perfect denim shade and colour is ready.

Now, your jeans will finally start resembling jeans

Right now, they are just one big mass of cloth. A big chunk that you could fashion into whatever you want them to be. Sigh! Imagine a jeans dream-land. But no, back to your pants. The denim cloth is measured out and the fit is decided.

Boring! Well, it won’t be if we tell you that even a little measurement off can give you a wonky feel. So let’s just quietly disappear from here, leaving the measurement takers to do their job.

The cloth is cut

The sheets of jeans are then stacked together and cut together after the measurements are fixed. It is actually more like carpentry with high end and sharp cutting tools used. The cut cloth is then finally taken to the craftsmen who bring the various jeans parts together and stitch them up.

But wait, it is not over yet

If you remember, the cloth had to be originally dyed. These jeans are further sent to a washing facility which will wash them thoroughly so your legs don’t turn blue each time you wear them.

Psst: This is the secret to the fading too! Your jeans fade after sometime as the dye fades off. But who cares, right? As long as they continue to fit…

Also, the jeans are washed according to the finish you want – stonewashed or plain, smooth or rough?

Washing is not the last step

Since you’re too cool to wear your denims as they should be worn – new, the jeans are given some “rough handling”. They are pulled on rubber legs and given the scrubbing of their lives. And what happened when a scrubber scrubbed too hard? Well, you got your latest fashion – the ripped jeans!

Seriously, there’s nothing you can do with jeans that ever really makes it wrong.

Now comes the favourite – labelling!

The jeans are labelled and after some more ironing, finally, finally ready to ship. With the price tags in place, labels on and neatly packaged, your dream pair is finally on its way to you.

There! That’s the story behind all your pairs of jeans. They’re chopped and scrubbed, washed, shrunk, ripped – quite a bit they go through to become that desired pair. And you thought you’re the one treating your jeans rough?

Oh well, if only seams could speak!

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  • September 27, 2015 at 8:29 pm

    gotcha baby!!

  • September 27, 2015 at 8:34 pm

    Spykar gives the best fitting than any other brand!!

    but spykar shirts suck because they always have two pockets and length is very uneven and short!!

    I'm requesting the designers to make them better and 1 more thing dotted fashion is fading out,
    so pls come out with some nnew fresh designs guys!!

    spykar rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    • March 17, 2017 at 9:57 am

      What a joy to find such clear thigkinn. Thanks for posting!


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