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Top Color Trends in Men’s Fashion 2016

March 21, 2016

Men generally have a hard time choosing seasonal colours. Look around when you hit the road next time, you’ll notice a swathe of people wearing hundreds of colours out in the sun. Today, the colour trend in men’s fashion is something that’s very evident on the runways as well. Almost everyone is experimenting with colours ranging from the edgiest to the most conservative shades. It’s time you take a note of the latest colour trends you’re about to see everywhere.

Summer Brights

A new wave in men’s fashion,  bright summer colours in Red, Coral, Grapefruit and Melon are emerging as trendy fashion colours. It smartens up a casual look with its charm. It’s bold, it’s sassy, and it’s sexy without being over the top. These are the colours that are powerful and bright, enough to make a statement.

Green Flash

Green has been around for quite some time now, but this season, it’s booming as a fashion favourite among men. Green is fresh, it allows the wearer to feel free and escape the mundane. It goes very well with denims, neutral, grey, and black in any environment. The colour radiates an openness in unexpected ways making you feel fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

Pastel Palette

These are colours that don’t immediately call for attention, yet they’re just as fresh and exciting. Pastels are always a fixture for summers and a key alternative to regular colours. These softer shades can make some serious fashion statements. Pair it with something neutral for it to get the attention it deserves. Light and breezy, these are perfect for everyday wear.

Shades of sun

Evoking warmth and friendliness, shades of  yellow and orange look good on both T-shirts as well as more contemporary shirts, especially when paired with denims, and white or grey bottoms. These sun colours infuse an energy and freshness to menswear this summer, taking you to a calmer, sunnier, and happier sunnier place.

Deep Ocean Blues

Luxurious shades of blue are a great contrast to a summer landscape. The tonal variations of oceanic blues are amongst the key colours for menswear this season. Inspired by the depths of the ocean, it has a very peppy and energetic vibe. The deep maritime tones imply a relaxing tropical holiday and encourage a summer getaway.

So, which one’s your favourite? Tell us what colours would you like to pair these with in the comments section below


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