July 21, 2017

It’s raining, men! Though the season brings many perks with it, they all fall flat if you end up getting drenched in that downpour. Mix that with bad timing and you might be left with an overall sucky day.
So, here we are to help you, all ready with a list to make this information handy. These are the five things you’ll need if you don’t want the rains to dampen your spirits and socks!

1. Dry fit T-shirts:
They can easily be the right kind of t-shirts for any season but it’s in the monsoons when you realize its strengths. They’re breezy, they dry quickly, don’t stick to you and basically are the best thing you can be wearing during a downpour.

2. Stretch denim:
We know, denims are the last thing you want to be wearing when the rain Gods decide to shower their blessings. The fabric isn’t ideal for the weather and they take a hell lot of time to dry!
The trick to wearing denims during this season is in going for the right kind of jeans, and that would be Spandex/Stretch Denims. The spandex in the fabric makes it dry faster and not stick to your skin. Looking for the perfect pair of denim to brace the monsoon? Head over to your nearest Spykar store for a host of exciting options.


3. Gum boots:
You say rains, we say puddles. They are everywhere and there’s no escaping them. On a bad day, none of the slippers, sandals or canvas shoes can save you from splatters of mud. Hence, gumboots. The single greatest invention for feet during rains. We’d suggest going for dark or neutral colours. You’d even find some really stylish ones.

4. Waterproof bag:
You may not mind big bulky pockets, but you cannot use them as a place to store everything. Plus, bulky pockets look really funny. Instead, buy a waterproof bag to house all your essentials and keep them dry. There are so many cool options for men available these days that you might just end up buying two!

Lastly, Umbrellas. Obviously. Even trench coats are a stylish alternative and a useful addition to your monsoon kit. Nothing will dampen your #youngandrestless spirit if you got these things on you!

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