July 27, 2018

A well worn denim is almost an extension of your personality. You live, breathe, work and play and wear it hard. You swear by it, no matter the occasion. And you know that if you treat your denim right, it will keep you company for a long time.

But how well do you take care of it, really? do you often wonder whether to wash or not to wash?

As all you blue blooded folks know, washing your denim ages it. Your denim is indigo dyed and so, some amount of fading will take place while laundering. So the standard advice has been don’t wash your denim until you literally have to stand apart from the crowd. But the fact is, water strengthens the cotton and a wash of some kind will make your jeans last longer.

So our advice is slightly different. Wash when dirty and rather focus on how you wash it.

1) Spot Clean

This is the quickest way to get your denim clean. Let the stains dry and, if it’s food, scrape off any residue with your finger. Just use a damp cloth or even an old toothbrush with mild soap to spot wash it. This method is particularly handy if you want to push your first wash by a few months.


A quick solution to get rid of odour is to steam your jeans. Avoid direct contact and hang to dry upon completion.


A rather unconventional method, freezing your denims is rumored to remove the smell and magically clean the denim. Too experimental?


The salt in ocean water gives the denim a stiffer and crispier feel. If you live far away from the coast, you can achieve the same effect with a few cups of salt and a bathtub. You’ll need to rinse your denim well after the soaking it in the solution for about 5 min. Incidentally, this is an excellent method to set the dye in your jeans. So try this on your first wash.

5)Hand wash

This is the best method if you absolutely have to wash your denim before you face social rejection. Turn the denim inside out and submerge it in a bath of warm water which contains ½ cup of vinegar and mild detergent. Vinegar prevents the colour from fading.Drain the water and rinse the jeans thoroughly. Turn the jeans the right side out and allow them to dry fully either on a washing line or flat away from direct sunlight.

6)Machine wash

If you are too busy or lazy to hand wash, machine wash in mild cycle with cold water and slow spin. You can add vinegar to your mild detergent. Turn the jeans the right side out and hang to dry away from direct sunlight.

Ripped and distressed denim has been a key trend this season. If your jeans have a lot of holes and rips, wash them on the delicate cycle to keep the holes from growing. Use the same method for embellished or coated denim.

Finding the perfect denim is like finding a diamond in the rough. Wear it well and it becomes something more than just a piece of denim.

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