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India and Its Love Affair With Monsoon Fashion

August 10, 2015

The rains are here! Oh, the smell of wet earth! And while you’re cribbing about the late trains and potholes, don’t forget the yummy bhutta and kanda bhaji. Whatever your take on monsoons be, love it or hate it, you cannot deny the one thing every person from the city is excited about in the rains, the monsoon fashion! Even the kids! How? Come the first showers and everyone from toddlers to adults line up for the shopping spree. The streets are lined with hawkers showing off their colourful monsoon wares – be it umbrellas in all shapes and sizes, raincoats fit for the runway, colourful footwear in plastic and rubber, rainproof and water-resistant bags, myriad clothing trends, etc.

But there’s one question that plagues all. How, how can one travel and yet stay dry at the same time? Are you one of those who, with the very first showers push the jeans into the forgotten drawer of the closet? You need not bereft yourself of your jeans anymore! If you’re someone who likes to be as dry as the Thar Desert, then simply carry your jeans in your bag. Wear shorts on the commute and quickly change into the dry pair once you reach work. Easy peasy! But hey! For those jeans in your bag to stay dry, you need a good, strong bag that doesn’t add to your woes! Either take care to have a bag that is well-covered under your umbrella or raincoat or wrap everything inside your bag in the dreaded plastic. Or… You could just get the perfect backpacks from Spykar. And while you’re at it, buy that perfect pair of jeans we spoke of above too!

Now, moving ahead, light t-shirts and shirts are always a good options in the rains. Again, avoid thick materials and stick to polyester cotton or polycotton as far as possible. Your tees need to let your body breathe and should not stick to your body. Also, they should not retain water for long periods. When we’re on the topic of t-shirts, don’t forget one thing. The rainy gloom. Dark clouds gather, thunder strikes and your mood takes a dip. Don’t let the sadness catch up! Wear happy bright colours. Stick the browns and greys right at the back of the cupboard and pull out a variety of shades. Greens, blues and heck, even yellows and pinks if you’re up for some adventure!

Let Spykar help you choose that perfect tee to ensure you never feel the pangs however dreary the weather outside might be.

Now that you’re all set and calling out to the clouds to bring their thunder on, wait! You just forgot one of the most important things. What? Deos! Yes, the rains have their own magical smell. Which lasts for maybe 2 hours. And then, it’s back to smelling like pollution and muck again. Wading through all those little puddles, you’re gonna be equally icky. So, don’t forget the deo bottle. Guess what? Spykar’s got you covered there too!

So, now that you’re all ready, what are you waiting for? Go out there! Enjoy the drops while they last!

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