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Common Fashion Mistakes Made By Men

February 22, 2016

Every day, we come across a variety of fashion faux pas made by men that are so common that we fail to realize its impact. Being comfortable in what you wear is definitely important, but you don’t want to be a laughing stock either. Wearing the right clothes, the right way, and at the right time is always helpful. Just so that you don’t make these mistakes and avoid the embarrassment, read on to know what works and what doesn’t to look your best.

Wearing clothes that do not fit

If something doesn’t fit, it doesn’t look good. Just like a slim fit would make a person with a pot belly look funny, unfit and excessively baggy clothes only make you look sloppy (unless you’re a hip-hop fan). If you have a body type which is not suitable for well-fitting clothes, opt for a size bigger or get them altered.

Improper pants length

Try not to fold up your jeans unless it’s a fashion statement you’re trying to make. Opt for ankle-length pants instead. Oh! This reminds us how Raj Kapoor tried to emulate Charlie Chaplin in Mera Naam Joker! (see image) Well ideally, your trousers or chinos should just touch about the tops of your shoes and must not puddle over your shoe laces (like Charlie Chaplin). You don’t want to look like a guy whose feet is swimming in excess fabric. Check for the right length while trying them on and get them hemmed.

Wearing the wrong colours

Wearing the right colours that go well with your skin tone is very important. Let the focus be on you and not on the colour of your shirt. If you have wheatish or darker complexion, opt for darker shades or brighter colours that enhance your skin colour. Those with fairer complexion can go with soft or icy colours.

Wrinkled fabric

How you wear your clothes is as critical as what you wear. Unless you’re one of those “I sleep in these clothes” types, you must keep all your clothes ironed and wrinkle-free. Make it a habit to hang all your clothes dry after washing. Do not just throw them anywhere after use. Ironing makes them look fresh and appealing.

Bulky Pockets

Those asymmetrical bums could be an eyesore!! Not just that, they look extremely funny. Why do guys keep stuffing their pockets with knick-knacks that’s supposed to be in drawers. Such blunders make you look like someone with no fashion sense. Take off the extra baggage from your wallet, discard things you don’t need and keep it light. Stuff them in your bag instead.

Wrong socks with a suit

While wearing a suit, your socks and your pants should be colour coordinated (for formal occasions). If you’re wearing a grey suit with black shoes, pair them with grey coloured socks. If you’re wearing a lighter shade of suit, ensure that your socks are comparatively darker than your suit but lighter than the shoes.

Not Paying Attention to Accessories

One of the important fashion tips for men is that accessorising well can make your outfit shine. A classic suit is definitely soothing to the eyes, but pair it with mismatched shoes, tie or watch and you’ll ruin it irreparably.

Wrong belt colour

If you’re wearing formals, make sure that the colour and finish of your belt is close to that of your dress shoes (for formal events). On casual occasions, the belt you’re wearing should be wider when compared to a thin formal belt. As a thumb rule, your watch strap, your belt colour and your shoes must coordinate. A slight variation is acceptable if they belong to the same family of colours.

Dirty shoes

Always avoid wearing shoes that are dirty. You can “tell a gentleman by his shoes”. A stylish man always keeps his shoes clean, free of dirt, and scratches. Also, socks with sandals is a strict no-no. You were not thinking to go out to that fancy restaurant wearing your sloppy slip-ons, did you?

Using Excessive Hair Products

Using hair products excessively can make you look a little over the top. It never looks good. When your partner is in the mood to run her fingers through your hair, too much of hair product can be a turn-off. Use them minimally; a little less than what your hair actually needs and you’re good to go.

Not carrying the right bag

Carrying a backpack with formals is so not cool. Living in a metro city requires you to carry it because it is more convenient and hence, extremely common. However, you can look smart and be as comfortable with a laptop bag or a sling bag when wearing formals. It looks classy.

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