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6 Amazing Birthday Gift Hacks for Him!

January 25, 2016

It’s his birthday again! Still struggling to figure out that perfect birthday present for him? Well, picking a gift for your boyfriend can be tricky, but finding the perfect one is sure to make a special occasion more memorable. Typically, guys like to keep it simple. If he tells you what he wants, then half your problem is solved; but most men usually shy away from telling what they’d like. So, if you’re not sure what to choose, let’s make this simpler for you. We bring you some of the stylish finds for that perfect gift he’ll fall in love with. Take a look!

Gift Him a Stash

Wallets are as essential to men as shopping is to women. When buying it as a gift, it’s best that you ask him to choose a wallet for himself and let him know that it’s a gift. He’s simply going to love it. Go for a trendy casual wallet which he can use while in college or when he’s on an outing. Or opt for subtle, classy designer leather wallet if he’s a working professional or someone who likes to keep it simple. Check out our website to toggle from a variety of Spykar wallets available online.

Tell him It’s time!

Just as wallets, the next best thing men love and cherish is a quality timepiece! Guys love watches as much as girls love diamonds. Men are obsessed with watches. It is something he won’t put away. But hold on! Choosing the right watch requires you to know a few things about your man, which include the style, colour and finishes he likes. You should also know about the occasions he would like to wear this watch to. So, analog or digital – pick a classy timepiece, and it’s going to be nothing less than awesome!

Make him feel Comfy

After watches, the one thing that a man can never get rid of wearing is a comfortable pair of jeans. A guy likes to wear his jeans through just about everything – from movies to casual dates, to a club or while hanging out with his buddies. Left leg, right leg, wiggle, pull it up, and it’s done! It’s like the most personal thing one can wear. What’s best, it’s something he’ll never be tired of. If your guy shares an intangible emotional connect with his jeans, gift him a cool pair of denims he can wear just about anywhere. Spykar brings you men’s jeans in many different styles, shades and washes. Browse through our collection to find something he’ll like.

A Perfect Place To Sulk

Bean Bags are something he can lay down on, get comfortable and relax for long hours whether he’s working on his laptop, smart phone, or simply relaxing his muscles. They’re fun, functional, and completely comfortable, making them a great gift for his college dorms, bachelor pads, or his apartment. You can choose to customize and personalize it the way you want.

For the Love Of Music

Now from everyday essentials, let’s move on to something that’s more interest driven! Guys love electronics! All they need is an excuse to play around with it. Whether he’s a downright rock n’ roller, an out-an-out EDM raver, or a hip-hop head – if he loves listening to his favorite music in the gym or while he drives, why not help him enjoy it just about anywhere! Make it possible by gifting him a cool pair of headphones or a portable Bluetooth speaker, so that he can enjoy his music loud no matter where he goes. The best part is, it’s something both of you can enjoy.

Good Old DVDs

Next up is our personal favourite! A good old DVD of his favorite TV show or a movie he said he loves to watch. Even if he’s watched it a couple of times, he would love to have the collection on his DVD shelf. It is indeed one of the coolest birthday gifts for your guy; something that both of you can enjoy. Try spending some time with him; prepare him a special meal and watch the TV show or his favorite movie together. It would be simply Two-rific!

While there are a lot more options you can go for, choose what you think is best for him. As long as you keep his interests in mind, he’ll appreciate any gift you present him. Trust us, he’s gonna love this lovely little surprise.

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