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Sport the Athleisure trend this Winter!

November 23, 2016

The new Athleisure line is for the millennial women who effortlessly transcends between fitness, work and casual or social occasions.

It’s a fashion line that cuts across active and casual clothing; with the functionality of active wear and comfort and styling of casual wear. ​ This super-comfortable, sport-inspired fashion trend is what you’re going to want to live in throughout the season.

A new line of Denim wear for the Athleisure loving women features extremely lightweight specialised denim fabrics in knit, tencel & satin that are extremely supple and comfortable and equally stylish. Be it for a walk, your morning coffee, or a casual lunch, women of all ages can carry this throughout the day pretty well. They provide support and flexibility for easy movement and can be worn for a heavy work out on the yoga mat or on the dance floor on a night out. This Athleisure bottom wear fit is called ​ Athlena and comes with complimentary Athleisure topwear in denim, knits and woven.
So, get your hands on these and sportify your wardrobe!

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